Fine Free

This library is fine free. That’s right. No more fines. If you had a fine, it’s forgotten. If you’re late next time, you’re forgiven. Imagine that.

Why did we do this?

Because most people do the right thing and return their materials on time. Because we believe that materials will be returned more promptly when our customers aren’t worried about being fined. Because you shouldn’t have to wait in line to pay a 10 cent fine. Because we want to spend quality time with you instead of taking your pennies.

How does it work?

ImagineIF Libraries do not charge overdue fines for late materials. Customers will receive notification about overdue items and will be billed replacement costs for lost or damaged items. Items are considered lost after they are three weeks overdue. Borrowing privileges will be blocked until materials are returned or the library is compensated for lost materials.

Interlibrary loan items will continue to accrue an overdue fee of $1 per day.

Failure to return library items or pay for their replacement will result in having your account turned over to a materials recovery agency. According to the total amount on your account, a processing fee will be charged if the account is sent to Unique Management Services, our materials recovery agency.