Art Exhibits

ImagineIF Libraries offer space for local artists to exhibit their work. Exhibits include diverse media and styles from students, amateurs and professionals.

All artists are encouraged to apply.

Current Exhibit

ImagineIF Kalispell:

Have some art you’d like to share with ImagineIF Kalispell? Contact us at 406.758.5820 to reserve space.

ImagineIF Columbia Falls: Kathleen Morrone of Little Green Herbaria

Little Green Herbaria is a curated collection of plants from Montana and the Pacific Northwest. Kathleen utilizes her professional experience and training as a biologist to collect, press, and mount the original plant specimens using traditional herbarium methods.

Kathleen also incorporates art and technology by arranging the plants in a way that emphasizes their natural shapes, colors, and variations. The original specimens are then scanned at high resolutions to digitize the images. She then creates vibrant, life-like herbarium art prints from the scanned images.


Display Case: Counting Stitches by Heather Roquemore

High School PTCO president Heather Roquemore presents these cherished stuffed animals during the holiday season. Roquemore first started crocheting stuffed animals per the demands of her five kids. Then their friends wanted some. And then their friends.

Now an official business, Heather creates handmade, customizable stuffed animals for kids of all ages always within an affordable price. Contact Heather Roquemore today to request a one of a kind stuffed animal personalized to your specific tastes.

Have some art you’d like to display at ImagineIF Columbia Falls? Contact us at or call 406.892.5919 to reserve space.