Maggie Logan, Sally Herndon, Brenda Boys, Jordonna Dores

December 2013 – February 2014


Maggie Logan, Bigfork

“Every time I look at a new canvas, I envision the image I want to create. I see the dominant colors, the lines, the general flow of my new painting. And then I pick up a brush or a pencil or a fountain pen, and the strangest thing happens: My intuition elbows me out of the way, my original idea dissolves, and I quietly watch the new work develop.”

Sally Herndon, Bigfork and Scottsdale, AZ

“I am inspired to try to paint the scenery around the Flathead Valley that I love so much. I am often on the Swan River in my kayak and am always amazed at the gorgeous views of the mountains and the beautiful reflections in the river. Those reflections are the inspiration for a series of pastels that I am presently working on.”

Brenda Boys, Kalispell

“I love flowers for their color, texture and structure. Whether it is a bouquet on the table, at the Farmer’s Market, or in the neighbor’s yard, I find myself losing track of time to get the next great shot.”

“Light and design are what I love to capture with my camera. Color is also an important factor for me but it is a wonderful surprise when the lack of color creates a showcase piece like this image, on an eerily quiet day, of the dock at McDonald Lake.”

Jordonna Dores, Bigfork

“Drawing a mandala is a spiritual practice that begins with a prayer or meditation. I use one guiding principal: there are no mistakes. If I don’t like a line or a shape once it has been drawn, it’s up to me to re-shape it. I have been creating mandalas for several decades in many mediums. They depict my travels throughout the world as well as my inner life. I often find myself drawing them while sitting beside a river, lake or ocean, or simply being at home while on my quest for answers.”