The secret to finding great books

Want book recommendations from book experts, 24/7? NoveList is for you! Fiction and nonfiction reviews, read-alikes, discussion guides and more, for readers of all ages.
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Manage Your ImagineIF Library Account via Text

Get text alerts the moment your library holds are available! You’ll also get alerts about items due soon and overdues.
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Hearts for Home

Show your love

What do you love about your home? Share it in a valentine to your house.
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Calling all makers

Apply by February 6

Do you like to create or build? Are you a tech enthusiast, hobbyist, engineer, scientist or artist? Exhibit for free at Kalispell Mini Maker Faire!
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Make It Yours

Fabric bowls

Use fabric strips and a little bit of Mod Podge magic to create a beautiful bowl. Photo and project featured on A Subtle Revelry.
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Art exhibits

Local artists on display

Rotating art exhibit space at ImagineIF Libraries features diverse media and styles from local students, amateurs and professionals.
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Simple Living

How much room do you need?

Get ideas for downsizing your living area, use our planning tools to think about your own space and discover how to do more with less.
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Loud at the Library

Save the date

Join the ImagineIF Library Foundation for the sixth annual fundraiser. Raffles, appetizers, beer, wine, live music and fun!
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Blind Date Night

Valentine’s week fun

Beer, books and open mic romance reading. Join ImagineIF on February 11 at Kalispell Brewing Company.
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Your library card is your movie ticket

From angels to zombies – and everything in between. Get free access to streaming movies with IndieFlix.
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Upcoming Events

What if the library was more than just a place for books, music and movies? What if the library was a place to learn survival skills, brew beer and fix your bike? Find new opportunities to make, create and explore.
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Digital Materials

Find a Great New Read

Want recommendations from book experts? NoveList offers fiction and nonfiction reviews, read-alikes, audiobook listen-alikes, discussion guides and more, for readers of all ages.
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Databases & Resources

Whether you are fixing your lawnmower, finding funding for a nonprofit organization or finishing a research paper, ImagineIF’s databases have the information you need.
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New Arrivals

Discover the newest titles at ImagineIF, often before they hit the shelves.

Search the Catalog

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