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December 23, 2023, By in Using the Library.

Are There Different Types of Library Cards at ImagineIF?

ImagineIF Libraries keeps it simple. Everyone gets their own, unique library card. (You get a card, and you get a card, and you… You get it.)

The keeper of the library card number has all the power. So be careful who you share your number with!

Read on to find out what type of card you can get, and what you need to get it.

Types of ImagineIF Library Cards

There are only two types of library cards available at ImagineIF

  • Limited-use cards are for folks with photo ID but no proof of a current Montana address. Limited-use cards are limited to checking out 2 items at a time.
  • Full-access cards are available to anyone with photo ID and proof of a current Montana address.
  • According to our Borrowing Privileges Policy, “A current photo identification card (that includes name and photo) from a school, government agency, or employer AND address verification, that includes name and Montana address, must be presented” to obtain a full-access library card.

Linked ImagineIF Library Cards

The account software that ImagineIF uses does not have the capability to link library card accounts for families. If a juvenile signs up for a library card, it is their own stand-alone card. If a married person signs up for a library card, it is their own stand-alone card, and does not belong to both them and their spouse.

If you need access to someone else’s library account, you must have their card number. Similarly, if you want someone to have access to your account, they must have your card number. The library takes your privacy very seriously!

See our Confidentiality Policy for more information.

Library Card FAQ

  • Q: Where does my ImagineIF library card work?
    A: Since ImagineIF Libraries is part of the “Partners Sharing Group” your ImagineIF card works at 36 libraries in Montana! You can check out and return materials from these libraries. You can also place holds on Partners materials and have them sent here for pick up. Pretty cool!
  • Q: How old do I have to be to get a library card?
    A: There’s no minimum age to get a library card! Check out our Borrowing Privileges Policy for all the details.
  • Q: Do kids get special library cards?
    A: All patrons get them same ol’ card with the same ol’ privileges, regardless of age. We do our best to organize materials by developmental appropriateness, but parents are the best expert on what their child should read. We encourage parents to help their children choose appropriate materials and guide their library use. There are no special restrictions on children’s cards, but parents are more than welcome to manage or limit their child’s card as they see fit.
  • Q: How do I upgrade my limited-use card to a full-access card?
    A: Just bring in proof of Montana address – it must have both your name and address.
  • Q: Why doesn’t ImagineIF link library card accounts?
    A: Our library card account management software doesn’t include this as an option.
  • Q: Can I get a family card?
    A: ImagineIF doesn’t offer family cards, however anyone who knows your card number can check things out on your card. You could designate your card as a family card and share your number, but the person listed on the account will be the sole person financially responsible for anything checked out.
  • Q: Can I pay a fine on my child’s account?
    A: If you have the child’s card number you can pay fines on their card. Or if you are the parent or guardian listed on their library account, and you present your photo ID, you can access and pay the fines on that account.
  • Q: Can I pay a fine on a someone else’s account?
    A: If they are not present with you, you must have their card number to pay fines on their account. If they are with you, they must present their library card number or photo ID, then you can pay fines on their account.
  • Q: Why are there different color library cards?
    A: Just for fun! They’re all the same.
  • Q: Where can I find out more on this fascinating topic?
    A: Here are links to the policies relating to library accounts and patron privacy:

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