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Summer Experience: Farm

July 29, 2023, By in Summer Experience.

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With bounty aplenty from field or barnyard, the farm is fun for everyone!

Early Learners

Books Read:

Book cover of "Giant Pop-Out Farm" by Chronicle Books Book cover of "The Cow Loves Cookies" by Karma Wilson Book cover of "Cluck Cluck Duck" by Rachel Saunders

Giant Pop-Out Farm
by Chronicle Books, ISBN: 9780811876865

The Cow Loves Cookies
by Karma Wilson, ISBN: 9781416942061

Cluck, Cluck, Duck
by Rachel Saunders, ISBN: 9781684643943

Other Options:

There’s a Cow in the Cabbage Patch
by Clare Beaton, ISBN: 9781841489612

On the Farm
by Jill McDonald, ISBN: 9780593378724

Barnyard Dance
Sandra Boynton, ISBN: 9780761166160

Construction Site: Farming Strong All Year Long
by Duskey Rinker, ISBN: 9781797213873

by Sally Sutton, ISBN: 9781536225044

Ten Red Apples
by Pat Hutchins, ISBN: 9780688167977

Wake Up, Farm!
by Jonny Lambert, ISBN: 9781465486097

Songs & Interactives:

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Five Fat Peas

Five Little Ducks

Egg shaker song: “I Know a Chicken” by Laurie Bernker

Flannelboard activity: Who’s in the Barnyard?

Becca holds up a flannel set that includes a red barn and several farm animal faces (pig, chick, cow, sheep, horse)


two children sit on the floor playing with a large shallow bin filled with cornmeal, a plastic grain silo and handcrank auger, and plastic farm animals.

Grain Silo
cornmeal sensory tub with hand-crank grain auger, silo, and plastic tractors

Barnyard Feed
corn kernel sensory tub with plastic animal figures

Animal Corrals
STEM challenge with craft sticks, clothespins, and mini animal figures

Farm-to-Table Sequencing Cards

Annie the Milking Cow
large cardboard cow (lovingly made by former library staff Ann Brooks) with water-filled pin-holed glove

Large cardboard cow with a hand glove hanging where an utter would be, over a metal pail. A young girl (face covered with de-identifying sticker) kneels on the far side of the cow, peering at the camera under the "stomach", milking the glove.


Activity: Homemade Butter and Wet-Felted Soap

What products do we get from farms? Today we’re focusing on cream and wool.
Participants receive a small jar with cream, which upon shaking for a couple of minutes will separate and become butter. Bread is provided for tasting.
We are also wet-felting bars of soap, using dyed wool roving. By wrapping the roving around the bar of soap, dipping in hot water, and rubbing vigorously (agitating the wool fibers) the wool will become felt.

Check out these tutorial videos on the ImagineIF Libraries YouTube channel!
    Learn How to Make Butter with Liza
    Make Felted Soap with Sierra

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