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Summer Experience: Hide

August 15, 2023, By in Summer Experience.

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Prepare to play I Spy as we explore the art of camouflage.

Early Learners

Books Read:

Book cover of "Five Hiding Ostriches" by Barbara Barbieri McGrath. Book cover of "Everybunny Count!" by Ellie Sandall. Book cover of "Run!" by Guilherme Karsten. Book cover of "Hide and Seek" by Polly Noakes.

Five Hiding Ostriches
Barbara Barbieri McGrath, ISBN: 9781623541965

Everybunny Count!
by Ellie Sandall, ISBN: 9781534400146

by Guilherme Karsten, ISBN: 9781771475358

Hide and Seek
by Polly Noakes, ISBN: 9781786281821

Other Options:

Where is the Green Sheep?
by Mem Fox, ISBN: 9781328482662

Big Hid
by Roisin Swales, ISBN: 97819111713006

Find Fergus
by Mike Boldt, ISBN: 9781984849038

by Marie Cimarusti, ISBN: 9780525460831

Songs & Interactives:

The Little Green Chameleon (to the tune of “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”)

There’s Something in My Garden

Here is the Beehive

Flannelboard activity: Hide and Seek Mouse & Yoo-Hoo Ladybug Hide and Seek with magnifying glass


A tabletop upon which sits a dozen small bins filled with miscellaneous items: beads, buttons, foam stickers, googly eyes. Also a tub of rice with scoops, a tub of empty transparent bags, and a sign reading: "Please only choose one of each object."

I Spy Bags
fill transparent bags with rice and hidden treasures (beads, charms, googly eyes, foam stickers, buttons, erasers), then create and attach a searcher’s “key”

I Spy in the Library
hide animals around children’s area for kids to find and return to their proper habitats (sensory tubs)

Small World Play
animal habitat sensory tubs:
Ocean (blue cheerios, aquarium rocks and plants, sea animals)
A close-up view of a pile of objects: plastic blue cheerios, brightly colored aquarium plants, and plastic sea creatures.

Desert (kinetic sand, dinosaur skeletons, excavation tools)
Close-up view of a light table upon which there is a spread of kinetic sand, plastic dinosaur skeletons, and paint brushes.

Forest (wooden logs and branch cross-sections, forest animals)
Close-up view of a scattering of small wooden logs and plastic forest animals, upon a green striped rug.

Moss (moss, plastic bugs)
Close-up view of a pile of green moss with scattered plastic bugs.


Activity: DIY I Spy

Create a “Where’s Waldo?” or “I Spy” collage artwork, in which small stickers are hidden for others to try and find.

Art collage ocean scene. 5 stickers picturing ocean creatures line the left-hand side as the "key"-- second copies of these 5 stickers are hidden in the collage scene.

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