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Delight your students with stories handpicked just for them.

Preschool–5th grade

Are your students digging into science fair projects? Writing persuasive essays? Sampling foreign cuisines? We’ve got their backs. Students connect with our physical and digital collections while learning research techniques. (Note: we do not have enough computers for every student to simultaneous access digital resources. We encourage classes to bring their own devices for hardcore digital research.)

4th-12th grades

Students tinker with balls and ramps, learning intuitively about gravity and inertia. Flex their collaborative and communicative skills while thinking creatively. Rube Goldberg would be proud.

Kindergarten-5th grade

Harness the powers of lift and drag to send student-created aircraft up through a wind tunnel. Can they build a vehicle to carry a heavy passenger?

Kindergarten-5th grade

Ready, steady… balance! Weigh, stack, and topple a menagerie of materials. Students will engage both fine and gross motor skills while giving gravity a run for its money.

Kindergarten-5th grade

Sorting, sifting, and searching: these activities will delight small hands and sensory-seekers alike. Experience a variety of tactile materials, practice fine motor control, and revel in the soothing sensations.

Preschool-2nd grade and neurodivergent youth

Explore whatever toys and interactives happen to be in the library that day. We always offer fabulous, thoughtfully-curated ways to play and learn.

Preschool-5th grade

Orient your students to library resources, collections, and spaces.

1st-12th grades

Our job is to provide free and open access to books and information. With hands-on activities and experiences for all ages, we work to transform vision, dreams and desires into reality.

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