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ImagineIF Kalispell has a meeting room available for use free of charge. Please submit your request using the form below. For more information, call the Business Office at 758.5821.

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The organization applying for permission to use library spaces, through its named representative, agrees to abide by policies and regulations of the library with regard to such spaces, facilities and equipment. All programs and meetings scheduled during library hours shall commence 15 minutes prior to library closing. Arrangements may be made for events taking place during non-library hours. Doors to meeting rooms must remain unlocked during public programs allowing for public participation. Public inquiries concerning meeting room use will be answered from information supplied on this application.

I have read and accept the rules and regulations of the ImagineIF meeting room policy. I understand that I must give a phone number and/or email address that ImagineIF may give out to those persons requesting more information on my meeting. I understand that failure to comply with the ImagineIF meeting room rules will result in withdrawal of room reservation privileges for my group.

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