Manage your library account via text

Shoutbomb allows ImagineIF customers to receive text notices about holds, items due soon and overdue items. You can even manage your whole family’s library cards from one phone.

What you need

1. A mobile phone with text messaging enabled.
2. Your library card number.
3. The PIN for your library account. If you don’t know your PIN, please contact us.

How to sign up

If you already have an ImagineIF library card, send a text message with the word “signup” to 406-215-4240. You will receive replies asking for your library card number and PIN.

To receive text notices for additional library accounts, text “addcard” to For further options, contact us.

Shoutbomb is required by contract to keep this information and the information in your text messages private. Shoutbomb cannot use your information for any purpose other than to send you text messages. Standard text messaging rates apply.

Customers will continue to receive email or telephone notifications from the library. Text message alerts are a separate service.

Shoutbomb is offered through a partnership with the Montana Shared Catalog (MSC).