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The Library Board of Trustees welcomes gifts, grants, donations, devises, or bequests of property, real or personal and is authorized by law “to accept gifts, grants, donations, devises, or bequests of property, real or personal, from whatever source and to expend or hold, work, and improve the same for the specific purpose of the gift, grant, donation, devise, or bequest. These gifts, grants, donations, devises, and bequests shall be kept separate from regular library funds and are not subject to reversion at the end of the fiscal year.” MCA 22-1-309

The Library Board requires that all such gifts, grants, donations, devises, or bequests to ImagineIF Libraries be accepted on its behalf by the library director. Monetary gifts, grants, donations, and bequests shall be placed in Fund 7055 to be used for their intended purpose. If a monetary gift, donation or bequest exceeds $1,000 and if the intended purpose allows such transfer, the Library Board of Trustees may consider transferring it to the ImagineIF Library Foundation.

While all gifts are appreciated, some might not be appropriate for the library system. Gifts of non-library materials, such as collections, works of art, furniture, and equipment will be considered individually. Donors of such items may be referred to a more appropriate recipient. Gifts of library materials or donations intended for the purchase of library materials are covered in the Collection Development and Management Policy.

Adopted: 7/23/2001

Revised: 12/4/2008

Reaffirmed: 2/22/2012

Revised: 12/3/2014

Reaffirmed: 1/27/22

Heidi Roedel, Chair
Library Board of Trustees

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