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6003 Continuing Education for Library Staff Members

The Library Board of Trustees believes that continuing education of staff members is vital to the provision of quality library service. The Board of Trustees therefore declares its commitment to further education for library staff members, who are constantly adapting to meet the changing needs of the community.


All staff members are expected to pursue continuing education. Staff members are encouraged to participate in conferences, workshops, meetings, classes, and professional organizations and may request a schedule change and/or financial assistance to that end.


It is the responsibility of staff members to work with their supervisors to identify opportunities for continuing education.

It is the responsibility of the Library Management Team to encourage staff, to determine who shall attend educational opportunities, and to determine if financial assistance will be offered.

Adopted: 8/24/95

Revised: 8/26/99

Reaffirmed: 8/26/11

Revised: 3/28/2012

Reaffirmed: 3/25/15

Revised: 4/4/18

Michael Morton, Chair
Library Board of Trustees

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