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Bulletin Board Posting

ImagineIF Libraries provides bulletin boards in some of its libraries for announcements promoting events and activities of interest to the community.

The use of the bulletin board is available to all groups. ImagineIF libraries does not endorse the viewpoints of any non-ImagineIF libraries postings.

The following guidelines describe the conditions for posting on the bulletin boards in ImagineIF libraries:

  • Only flyers, brochures, posters or other materials promoting community and public events and activities may be posted.
  • Materials must be pre-approved by the library staff prior to being posted.
  • Materials must include a date they were posted. All materials undated will be removed.
  • Materials may be displayed for a limited amount of time only or until the event advertised has occurred.
  • Because of limited space, groups are limited one posting, not to exceed 11X17 inches.
  • Editorial, opinion pieces and other unapproved materials will be removed by library staff as necessary

Adopted: 11/30/89

Reaffirmed: 10/24/96

Revised: 05/25/00

Revised: 09/26/2012

Revised: 01/25/2024

Dave Ingram, Chair
Flathead County Library System Board of Trustees

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