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Computer Use

ImagineIF Libraries provide Wi-Fi, computers, Internet access, printing and scanning for the public. These resources are provided to all library users to facilitate exploration, connection and collaboration. It is the individual user’s responsibility to adhere to ImagineIF Libraries’ Patron Conduct Policy.

ImagineIF Libraries does not act In Loco Parentis, and as such, responsibility for online content accessed by children and adolescents rests with their parent or legal guardians. In compliance with applicable Federal law, computers in the children’s area employ Internet filters and point to age-appropriate websites. Parents or guardians who believe that their children cannot responsibly use the Internet should personally supervise their use of library computers.

Library computers and personal devices connected to ImagineIF Wi-Fi may not be used by anyone for illegal activity, to access illegal materials or to access materials determined to be obscene by the Montana Code Annotated, 45-8-201. ImagineIF provides free and open access to information and does not practice censorship. However, ImagineIF Libraries are public spaces, and deliberate display of some materials that are not defined as obscene may constitute sexual harassment or violate the ImagineIF Patron Conduct Policy. Actions that create a disturbance or that are considered sexual harassment may result in the loss of some or all library privileges.

Library staff will provide patrons with basic technology assistance. Staff is unable to provide comprehensive technical support for personal computers and devices. Personal computers and wireless devices may not be connected directly to ImagineIF’s internal networks or staff computers.

Computer Use Agreement

By clicking Accept, you agree to:

  1. 1. Adhere to time limits established by ImagineIF Libraries.
  2. 2. Promptly pay any printing fees.
  3. 3. End your session and leave the workstation if asked to do so by an ImagineIF Library staff member, even if you have not completed your session. (Library staff reserves the right to interrupt sessions to perform necessary maintenance.)
  4. 4. Use this computer only for legal activity, including adherence to copyright or other rights of third parties, and in a manner consistent with ImagineIF’s Patron Conduct Policy.
  5. 5. Not interfere, reconfigure or disrupt library computer hardware, software, networks or services.

Adopted: 2/27/1997

Amended and Renamed: 6/17/2002

Amended and Renamed: 1/24/2011

Revised: 10/22/2014, 3/4/2020, 5/26/2022, 10/26/2023

Dave Ingram, Chair
Library Board of Trustees

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