ImagineIF Libraries

Library Service

The Library Board of Trustees shall provide for library service to the residents of Flathead County through ImagineIF Libraries and other service outlets as the Board chooses to establish or support.

Requests for new ImagineIF locations may be considered by the Board when presented by an organization designated as the representative of the community making such a request.

Criteria for establishing new library locations and for determining the level of service to be maintained at a library location will include but is not limited to:

  • distance of the community from any ImagineIF Library location
  • anticipated population to be served
  • present level of service to that community

Revised: 8/21/86

Reaffirmed: 1/25/96

Revised: 3/23/00

Reaffirmed: 9/26/12

Revised: 12/9/15

Revised: 10/24/18

Reaffirmed: 7/21/22

Heidi Roedel, Chair
Library Board of Trustees

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