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Meeting Room Use

This policy describes the intended purposes of ImagineIF Library’s meeting room, how and when it can be used by the public and what rules must be observed when using it.

When not in use by the library or its programs and functions, the library meeting room is available by reservation to local community groups on a first-come, first-seved basis. Please call the Business Office at (406)758-5821 to check availability and make a reserveration.

The following guidelines apply:

  • The meeting room is available by reservation Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm.
  • Reservations can be made for the current month, plus two months in advance.
  • Groups are limited to reserving a meeting room no more than twice per month.
  • Groups must notify the library at least 24 hours in advance if a scheduled meeting is cancelled.
  • In an emergency, ImagineIF Libraries may ask a group to cancel a scheduled meeting to allow for use of the library room.
  • Anyone using the meeting room must adhere to the Library Rules of Conduct.
  • Any meeting held in the library meeting room must be open to the public.
  • Attendance must not exceed the posted capacity of the meeting room: 48 persons.

The contact person for the group reserving the meeting room assumes responsibility for the use of the room and ensures that the following rules are observed:

  • Groups must provide Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodations when asked.
  • Groups using the room may not charge registration or admission fees or require a donation or purchase as a condition of attending a meeting. Membership dues and costs may be collected.
  • With the exception of books and other resources sold at library-sponsored events, no products or sevices may be advertised, solicited or sold.
  • All advertisments, announcements, press releases, flyers, etc. related to meetings held in the ImagineIF Libraries meeting room must clearly state that he meeting is NOT sponsored by ImagineIF Libraries and must designate the sponsoring organization.
  • Groups may not use the name, address, or telephone number of ImaingeIF Libraries as their address or headquarters.
  • Groups should schedule enough time to allow for set-up, the meeting itself, and clean-up so as to avoid overlap with another group.
  • ImagineIF Lirbaries provide projection equipment, a DVD/VHS player and a screen, as well as wireless Internet access. Groups must bring their own equipment beyond what the library offers.
  • Groups may request the use of laptops by contacting the Information Desk at 758-5815.
  • ImagineIF Libraries will not provide storage of any materials for any group.

Meeting Room Use:

  • At the end of a meeting, chairs must be stacked and tables returned to their original arrangement. If food is served, utensils must be washed, garbage disposed of and the kitchenette cleaned.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be served or consumed on library property, except at special events hosted by library support group organizations for the benefit of ImagineIF Libraries. Such groups must obtain written permission to serve alcohol from the library director in advance.
  • Groups showing a film must have documented public performance rights to screen the film.
  • Failure to comply with any ImagineIF Libraries meeting room rules will result in withdrawal of room reservation privileges.
  • ImagineIF Libraries may limit room use for particular organizations if abuse or non- compliance is detected.
  • Groups shall he held liable for any damage to or loss of library property or injury occurring to persons or property affiliated with their meeting.
  • ImagineIF Libraries shall not be held liable for any damage to or loss of library property or any injury occurring to person or property affiliated with a meeting by an outside group taking place in the ImagineIF Libraries meeting room.

Revised: 10/22/87

Revised: 9/16/93

Revised: 1/28/99

Revised and adopted: 5/27/2010

Revised: 4/28/2011

Revised: 9/25/13

Revised: 10/23/19

Revised: 5/26/22

Revised: 7/21/22

Revised: 2/23/23

Doug Adams, Chair
Library Board of Trustees

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