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Naming Rights

The ImagineIF Library Board of Trustees shall have sole responsibility for naming or renaming library facilities and/or subunits of facilities.

Generally, facility subunits shall be named according to ImagineIF branding guidelines and professional best practices in libraries. However, ImagineIF Libraries also offers naming rights for facility subunits when the Library wishes to recognize substantial financial contributions to support library facilities. With regards to contributions from corporations, ImagineIF Libraries adheres to Flathead County’s Advertising Policy. Moreover, as to contributions from corporations, in the event of a conflict between Policy 1005: Naming Rights and Flathead County’s Advertising Policy, the Advertising Policy controls.

Naming opportunities may be offered to individuals, families, foundations, organizations or corporations to recognize financial support for library facilities and sub-units of library facilities. These opportunities will be administered by the ImagineIF Library Foundation, in collaboration with Library staff. All such naming opportunities must be approved by the Library Board of Trustees and administered in compliance with guidelines and procedures developed by the Library Director (Addendum A).

Naming rights may not be offered into perpetuity. The duration of naming rights will be outlined in the guidelines and procedures.

The Library Board authorizes the Library Foundation and Library staff to carry out such a program for recognition of major donors, as approved by the Board, with the clear understanding that the standards and guidelines of the program will be administered unitarily and equally at all times. The Board shall have thirty (30) days to modify a commitment.

Adopted: 3/27/2019

Michael Morton, Chair
Library Board of Trustees

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