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Protection of Copyright

It is the intent of ImagineIF Libraries to comply with Title 17 of the United States Code, titled “Copyrights,” and other federal legislation related to the duplication, retention and use of copyrighted materials. A notice of copyright will be prominently placed on photocopier(s) and other library equipment capable of duplicating or reproducing copyrighted materials. Library staff will refuse any request that would violate copyright regulations. Policies and procedures for use of the library’s meeting room will include provisions related to use of copyright-protected materials.

Library staff will follow copyright law in selecting and using materials for public performance at programs. The library rarely purchases audiovisual materials with public performance rights; DVDs, downloadable materials and music CDs are loaned for personal and home use only. When using library meeting rooms, organizations must follow copyright laws.

Original or copyright-free art will be used to produce library publicity materials.

Adopted: 1/28/88

Reaffirmed: 1/25/96

Revised: 1/27/00

Revised: 12/04/08

Reaffirmed: 10/27/11

Reaffirmed: 6/27/12

Revised: 7/22/15

Reaffirmed: 1/27/22

Heidi Roedel, Chair
Library Board of Trustees

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