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Our 3D Printing Pilot Program has ended. We have received enough printing request to use all of the filament that was supplied for the program. We are working on processing the final requests which will be completed in the next two months. Thanks to everyone that participated in the Pilot Program. Stay tuned for updates on this service.

Explore the world of 3D printing and unleash your creativity at ImagineIF Libraries. The Free Public 3D Printing Pilot Program provides free access to 3D printing services for personal and educational purposes.

How It Works:

  • File Requirements: Ensure your 3D files adhere to Creative Commons licenses. View some approved websites.
  • Pick-Up: Collect your 3D prints at any ImagineIF Location and fill out our survey.
  • Survey: Upon pick-up, the completion of a brief survey is required to provide valuable feedback.

Program Guidelines:

This program is all about unleashing your creativity while adhering to a few simple guidelines:

  • Printing is limited to non-commercial and educational purposes.
  • Only 3D files with Creative Commons licenses from approved websites will be accepted.
  • Each patron can request up to 3 prints during the pilot period.
  • No weapons, projectiles, or NSFW content will be printed—let’s keep it friendly!
  • We reserve the right to limit and alter designs/prints to ensure the best experience for everyone.
  • Prints will be delivered with supports still intact, giving you a glimpse into the printing process.
  • All prints will be produced with the filament color currently loaded in the printer.
  • A single print is defined as any printing job that can fit on the print bed and can be completed in one continuous run. Print jobs that require separate printing sessions will count as multiple prints.
  • We will be using PLA filament. 3D printing files that are intended for other 3D printing materials types may be rejected.

Pilot Ends:

May 2024 or upon using $500.00 of filament (whichever comes first)

Where to find 3D files:

Thingiverse []
Printables []
YouMagine []
NIH 3D Print Exchange []
NASA 3D Resources []
African Fossils []

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