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Request a Visit at ImagineIF Kalispell

Request a Class Visit at our Kalispell location >

Request a Visit at ImagineIF Columbia Falls

To request a class visit at the Columbia Falls location call 406-892-5919.

Due to space constraints, we are not able to accommodate group visits in Bigfork at this time.


During your tour or group visit at ImagineIF, we can provide:

  • Stories and activities for preschoolers through eighth graders.
  • A tour of the building highlighting resources appropriate for preschool through twelfth grade.
  • An overview of resources in a subject area.
  • Library card registration: Please see the section on library cards below.

We appreciate advance notice of groups coming to use the library, even if you don’t need any special services.


  • We require at least two weeks advance notice to a tour or presentation.
  • Since we may not be able accommodate all requests within a given time period, we suggest calling earlier than two or three weeks in advance. We cannot schedule your visit more than three months in advance.


  • We can provide storytimes and tours only on weekdays. We cannot provide storytimes or tours during evening hours.
  • We can accommodate up to 35 people.


  • Valid library cards are required to check out materials.
  • School groups are required to obtain applications in advance. A typical process is as follows: Teachers send printed card applications home with students for parents or guardians to sign, which are then returned to the teacher and dropped off at the library for processing.
  • Please return all your applications to the library at least one week before your visit.
  • For more information about library cards, call 758.5822.
  • Download a library card application.
  • Duplicate cards will not be issued, but if a student has lost a card he or she may bring a completed application and $1 for a replacement card.


  • ImagineIF Kalispell is on First Avenue East and Third Street East in downtown Kalispell.
  • The library does not have a parking garage or parking lot, but two-hour parking is available and residential parking is within walking distance.


Our job is to provide free and open access to books and information. With hands-on activities and experiences for all ages, we work to transform vision, dreams and desires into reality.

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