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Storytime Reading List

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Here is the list of books that ImagineIF staff will choose from when presenting a storytime during our Early Literacy Classes. Not all titles will be read. Books are listed by Title, Author, and ISBN number.

Storytime Reading List for April 22 – 26


Toddler Storytime

Mondays, 11am

Who Likes Rain by Wong Herbert Yee, ISBN: 9780805077346

Spring is Here by Will Hillenbrand, ISBN: 9780823416028

Who’s in the Garden? by Phillis Gershator, ISBN: 9781846864032

Preschool Storytime

Tuesdays, 11am

Duddle Puck: the Puddle Duck by Karma Wilson, ISBN: 9781442449275

How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow by Monica Sweeney, ISBN: 9781510705838

Quackers by Liz Wong, ISBN: 9780553511543

Lucky Duck by Greg Pizzoli, ISBN: 9780593649770

Raindrops to Rainbow by John Micklos, Jr., ISBN: 9780593224090

Baby Storytime

Wednesdays, 11am

A Couch for Llama by Leah Gilbert, ISBN: 9781454925118

Whose Tracks in the Snow? by Alexandra Milton, ISBN: 9781912757947

I Went Walking by Sue Williams, ISBN: 9780152004712

Pignic by Matt Phelan, ISBN: 9780062443397

Max and Marla are Having a Picnic by Alexandrea Boiger, ISBN: 9780399175053

The Beastly Feast by Bruce Goldstone, ISBN: 9780805038675

We’re Going on a Picnic by Pat Hutchins, ISBN: 9780688167998

Mouse’s First Summer by Lauren Thompson, ISBN: 9780689858352

Ants by Melissa Stewart, ISBN: 9781426306099

Ready for Anything by Keiko Kasza, ISBN: 9780399252358

I-Spy on the Farm by Edward Gibbs, ISBN: 9780763664312

I-Spy in the Sky by Edward Gibbs, ISBN: 9780763668402

Hooray for Fish by Lucy Cousins, ISBN: 9780763693527


Preschool Storytime

Thursdays, 11am

Bigfork storytime will be paused until further notice due to the construction on the future home of ImagineIF Bigfork at the Ark Building. We hope to see Bigfork families in Kalispell or Columbia Falls for storytime!

Columbia Falls

Toddler Storytime

Mondays, 11am

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, ISBN: 9780399208539

Butterflies Soar by Amber Hendricks, ISBN: 9781681527055

Wildflowers Grow by Amber Hendricks, ISBN: 9781681527062

Preschool Storytime

Thursdays, 11am

Kit Flying by Grace Lin, ISBN: 9780553112542

Kite Day A Bear and Mole Story by Will Hillenbrand, ISBN: 9780823427581

Blown Away by Rob Biddulph, ISBN: 9780062367242

One Windy Wednesday by Phyllis Root, ISBN: 9780763602789

Baby Storytime

Fridays, 11am

The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Forest Hide and Seek by Eric Carle, ISBN: 9780593226667

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