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Due to COVID-19, the Library’s in-person programs are on pause, but ImagineIF still provides robust hands-on learning for youth and adults in Flathead County. Kids, teens and adults can enjoy take-home kits available for pickup at all ImagineIF locations starting the first Monday of each month.  Kits can be requested via Personal Shopper service. Find out more about Personal Shopper HERE or call 758-5820.
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Takeout Storytime Kit (ages 2-5)

Preschoolers and toddlers can pick up a Takeout Storytime Kit designed to replicate an ImagineIF Early Literacy Class at home. Kits include songs, science and art exploration, sensory activities and child development tips for caregivers. Kits are available while supplies last.

January’s Kit: Home

Download Home Takeout Storytime activity sheet>

Snuggle up with your little one! January’s “Home” Takeout Storytime kit contains ideas for brainy play, book suggestions, songs, and everything you need to start creating your own dollhouse together. Join Becca and Ellie for a Virtual Early Literacy Class in the Conrad Mansion and then start outfitting your miniature dwelling with itty bitty furnishings. Dramatic play and construction projects build your child’s linguistic and fine motor chops.

Download activity sheets from past Takeout Storytime kits:

Dinosaur Takeout Storytime activity sheet> 
Autumn Takeout Storytime activity sheet>
Construction Takeout Storytime activity sheet>
Under-the-Sea Takeout Storytime activity sheet>

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Mini Take-home Kit (Elementary-aged)

Students in grades K-5 are invited to explore science, culture, and art through ImagineIF’s Mini Take-home Kit. Whether exploring chocolate chemistry, recreating ancient sundial technologies, or dissecting owl pellets, kids relish hands-on learning. Kits are available while supplies last.

January’s Kit: Japanese Book Binding

Download Japanese Book Binding activity sheet>

Sew your own book with the Japanese Book Binding Mini! Each kit contains pre-punched art paper, covers, lacing, and everything you’ll need to create your own book. Will you fill it with paintings of splendid clouds? Pen adventure stories across its pages? Record your wild animal sightings in a naturalist’s notebook? The choice is yours!

Download activity sheets from past Takeout Storytime kits:

Sundial activity sheet>
Cat’s Cradle activity sheet>
Cat’s Cradle Microsite>
Chocolate Spoons activity sheet>

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Teen Take & Make Kit (6th-12th grade)

The Teen Take & Make Kit challenges teens to explore STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) activities through entertaining and fun projects they can do at home. These kits are especially for youth in 6th – 12th grade. Kits available while supplies last.

January’s Kit: Endless Cubes

Download Endless Cubes activity sheet>

Learn to make your own fidget toy! Endless Cubes – also called Infinity Cubes – are a mind-boggling mathematical shape that will provide you with hours of entertainment. This kit contains cubic blocks, duct tape, and building instructions. How will you customize your Endless Cube?

Download activity sheets from past Teen Take & Make kits:

Card Tricks activity sheet>
Tie-Dye activity sheet>
Robot activity sheet>
Slime activity sheet>

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Adult Take & Make Kit

These Take & Make kits are designed for adults to engage in hands-on activities that inspire tinkering, experimentation and play. Get inspired to learn a new skill or try a new recipe!  Kits available for pickup at any ImagineIF location. While supplies last.

January’s Kit: Journal

2021 is finally here! Use this notebook and pen to create your own journal for a new year. Add a sticker, draw on the cover, or keep it incognito. Use the prompts to get you started or take your own path. Whatever you choose, keep up the habit to improve your mood and health.

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Download the Journal activity sheet>

Library visitors can also request these kits via Personal Shopper service . Find out more about Personal Shopper HERE or call 758-5820.

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