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What does it mean to be a volunteer at ImagineIF? It is believing in what we do at ImagineIF and sharing our vision, being part of our team, signing on to help us accomplish our goals and seeing it through. Volunteering at ImagineIF should be fun and playful and challenging.

To be a Homebound Volunteer for the Friends of the Library please download and fill out the applicable form on our Homebound Service page and return it to the address listed.

Help us plant our Native Plant Garden!

We need volunteers to help us install a Native Plant Garden at our Kalispell location. Fill out the form below to sign up to help with weeding and plant removal, spreading soil and fertilizers, leaf compost collection, planting, and spreading mulch. Find out more about the Native Plant Garden Here>

Volunteer at ImagineIF Libraries. Fill out the form below.

Our job is to provide safe and fair access to books and information. With hands-on activities and experiences for all ages, we work to transform vision, dreams and desires into reality.

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