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July 6, 2024:  Newly Designed Bigfork Library Set to Open Next Month

June 26, 2024:  Construction on the Bigfork branch of Flathead County Libraries wraps up

June 5, 2024:  County Commission Reappoints Adams to Library Board

May 26, 2024:  Flathead County Library Board narrows to five choices for logo designs

May 15, 2024:  Flathead Library trustee compares Montana Library Association to Ku Klux Klan

April 2, 2024:  Flathead County Library trustees open search for a new logo to the public

March 29, 2024:  Flathead County Library trustees hold off on overhauling young adult section

March 27, 2024:  Flathead County Library Board could decide future of young adult collection Thursday

March 25, 2024:  Flathead County teen services librarian continues to carve out space for adolescents

March 17, 2024:  Construction on new Bigfork library makes strides toward summer opening

March 9, 2024:  Flathead County Library Board trustees propose removing young adult designation

February 25, 2024:  Library on right track with branding reboot

February 23, 2024:  ImagineIF Libraries returns to original Flathead County Libraries name, hires Dugan as new director

February 13, 2024:  ImagineIF Library trustees poised to tap Dugan as director

January 27, 2024:  ImagineIF Library Board Adds Obscenity Language to Collection Policy

January 19, 2024:  ImagineIF Board of Trustees change to collection development policy draws criticism

January 19, 2024:  ImagineIF launches 3D printing pilot program

December 12, 2023:  ImagineIF Libraries director search underway as state loosens requirements for the position

December 7, 2023:  State Library Commission Eliminates Education Standard for Large Library Directors

October 26, 2023:  ImagineIF Board votes to remove all references to American Library Association

October 26, 2023:  Groundbreaking ceremony marks next chapter for new Bigfork library

October 26, 2023:  Bigfork library project reaches milestone with groundbreaking ceremony

October 11, 2023:  State commission moves to strike standard for library directors

October 11, 2023:  Montana State Library Commission Votes to Eliminate Educational Standard for Large Library Directors

October 11, 2023:  Inquiries into Banned Books Week decision at ImagineIF lead to more questions

October 3, 2023:  Protestors seek to draw attention to Banned Books Week following board decision

September 29, 2023:  ImagineIF Libraries Director Resigns

September 29, 2023:  ImagineIF Libraries director resigns

September 25, 2023:  ImagineIF children’s librarian Becca Johnson and the power of play

September 24, 2023:  ImagineIF begins new fall programming for kids and teens

September 19, 2023:  A Ban on ‘Banned Books Week’

September 12, 2023:  ImagineIF Libraries will forgo Banned Books Week celebrations under board guidance

September 8, 2023:  ImagineIF Libraries receives award for educational opportunities

September 8, 2023:  ImagineIF Foundation taps Sara Busse as executive director

August 1, 2023:  ImagineIF Foundation invited back to Great Fish Challenge

July 30, 2023:  ImagineIF Libraries increases security presence at Kalispell branch

July 29, 2023:  Bigfork Library Project budget doubles after reevaluation of construction cost

July 20, 2023:  New concert series launches at ImagineIF Libraries

July 19, 2023:  ImagineIF trustees ask Kalispell City Council for Depot Park building

July 13, 2023:  ImagineIF trustee votes for state commission to leave library association due to “Marxist leadership”

July 6, 2023:  Library Trustees Again Seek Rule Change to Qualify for State Funding

July 1, 2023:  Library Trustee Takes Aim at ‘Fair Treatment’ Policy

July 1, 2023:  ImagineIF Library board trustee expresses interest in removing fair treatment policy

June 24, 2023:  ImagineIF Libraries board asks state to change education requirements for directors

June 12, 2023:  ImagineIF Library Trustee Appointed to Montana State Library Commission

June 9, 2023:  Summer Experience kicks off at ImagineIF Libraries

May 28, 2023:  Commissioners signal support for giving ImagineIF Libraries $2.5M for facilities projects

May 17, 2023:  Library now offers board games, puzzles for checkout

May 17, 2023:  County on deck to explore library relocation to Gateway Center

May 5, 2023:  Competing Visions Emerge as Search Continues for New Kalispell Library Home

May 2, 2023:  Library Foundation Director Steps Down

May 1, 2023:  Gift of Literacy Coming to Flathead Children

April 30, 2023:  ImagineIF Board continues looking at Gateway, but has stipulations

April 27, 2023:  ImagineIF Foundation executive director steps down

April 20, 2023:  When the Culture Wars Come for the Public Library

April 7, 2023:  ImagineIF Libraries Kalispell branch launches section for challenged books

April 4, 2023:  ImagineIF Library looking to leave downtown location

March 28, 2023:  Library Trustees Continue Search for Future Facility

March 24, 2023:  ImagineIF Board puts Gateway Community Center move on hold, for now

March 14, 2023:  ImagineIF Library Board Reconsiders Gateway West Location

February 28, 2023:  ImagineIF downsizes Marion branch

February 28, 2023:  Kalispell Library, School District Consider Options to Relocate

February 26, 2023:  ImagineIF board pledges to spend $70K on materials for Bigfork branch

February 13, 2023:  ImagineIF Board, Staff Visit Possible Relocation Site

February 2, 2023:  ImagineIF Libraries Adds Security Presence to Kalispell Branch

February 2, 2023:  Kalispell’s ImagineIF to hire security guard amid safety concerns

February 1, 2023:  ImagineIF hires security guard in response to escalating incidents

February 1, 2023:  ImagineIF board eyes Herberger’s store for future library location

January 29, 2023:  ImagineIF trustees hold special meeting on library security concerns

January 20, 2023:  Kalispell Lawmaker Introduces Library Funding Bill

December 2, 2022:  Library director apologizes for job search

November 11, 2022:  ImagineIF assistant director to leave library system

November 7, 2022: Loss of Library Leadership Reflects Escalating Tensions with Trustees

October 29, 2022:  Facing Another Book Challenge, Library Board Votes to Retain Title

October 19, 2022:  ImagineIF board looks at relocating Kalispell library branch

October 19, 2022:  New home considered for Kalispell’s ImagineIf library

October 16, 2022: Artists’ work on display at ImagineIF Libraries

October 5, 2022:  ImagineIF announces new fall programming for kids and teens

October 4, 2022:  County commissioners appoint librarian to ImagineIF board

September 22, 2022:  ImagineIF Trustees Attempt to Censor Children’s Book About Racism

August 26, 2022:  Book drop incident prompts staff resignations while ‘sense of unease’ persists at library

August 12, 2022:  14 candidates pursue open seat on ImagineIF library board

August 4, 2022:  Books riddled with bullet holes found in library book return bin

July 29, 2022:  ImagineIF staff honored for response to challenged books

July 29, 2022:  ImagineIF Libraries to be awarded with the Pat Williams Intellectual Freedom Award

July 22, 2022:  Supporters turn out to praise new library board appointee

July 10, 2022:  Library trustees, commissioners aren’t upholding their fiduciary duty

June 30, 2022:  Library Board Appointment Sparks Backlash

June 26, 2022:  Library board end-around the right move for Bigfork

June 21, 2022:  Library Board Recommends Three Candidates for Open Seat

May 9, 2022:  Library foundation’s new executive director ready for challenges ahead

April 16, 2022:  Montana State Library Commission Discusses ImagineIF Certification, Funding

April 6, 2022:  Kalispell’s ImagineIF Library faces lack of donor confidence

April 5, 2022:  Library Board Affirms Decision to Not Appeal Loss of Funding

March 25, 2022:  Library Board Can’t Rally Votes to Appeal State Funding Loss

March 12, 2022:  Policy Differences on Display at Library Board Retreat

March 10, 2022:  Kalispell’s ImagineIF library discusses book collection

March 7, 2022:  New ImagineIF Director Touts Unconventional Path to Becoming Librarian

February 16, 2022:  Montana ACLU files records request regarding library board

February 15, 2022:  Library commissioner resigns to avoid conflict of interest over Kalispell controversy

February 12, 2022:  County challenges loss of state certification for ImagineIF

February 11, 2022: Advocacy group forms in wake of library trustee decisions

February 11, 2022:  Montana State Library Commissioner Resigns, Citing ImagineIF Support

February 9, 2022:  Readers rally for library

February 4, 2022:  Library Foundation Director Resigns

February 3, 2022:  ImagineIf library foundation director explains resignation

February 2, 2022: Reading Between the Lines

February 2, 2022:  ImagineIF libraries reduces open hours in Kalispell

January 27, 2022:  New Kalispell library director will result in loss of state funding

January 25, 2022:  Library launches science education program

January 24, 2022:  Library Policy Committee Conducts Review, Clashes Over Definition of Censorship

January 13, 2022:  Library Board Splits Vote on Challenged Books

January 6, 2022:  Approval of New Library Director to Result in Loss of Certification, Funding

December 21, 2021: ImagineIF Trustees Conduct Interviews for Director Job

December 14, 2021:  Bigfork Library Hits New Milestone

December 3, 2021:  Interim library director resigns amid conflict with board

December 2, 2021:  Flathead County Library Director Resigns Amid Board Meddling

November 16, 2021:  Public Library Receives Formal Complaints About Two Books

October 28, 2021: ImagineIF Kalispell features Día de los Muertos art installation

October 17, 2021:  Fifty Years of Rocky Hoerner Art

October 7, 2021:  What’s a Library Worth?

September 30, 2021:  ImagineIF libraries feature two art exhibits

July 21, 2021:  Library director stepping down to take job in Washington

July 4, 2021: Foundation offers $50,000 matching grant for Bigfork library

Jun 17, 2021:  ImagineIf libraries bring tactile fun to summertime play

June 9, 2021:  ImagineIF offering outdoor educational programming

June 11, 2021:  ImagineIF Libraries plan outdoor summer programs

May 2, 2021:  ImagineIF trustee recognized with special award

April 29, 2021: Library Prepares for Return to Normalcy

April 26, 2021:  Free seed library fully restocked in Columbia Falls

April 23, 2021:  ImagineIF libraries return to full-time hours May 3

April 6, 2021:  Library board considers polling voters on funding

March 14, 2021:  Library board ponders solutions for budget crunch

March 4, 2021:  ImagineIF Libraries could lift mask requirement in June

February 16, 2021:  Bigfork Library Campaign Surpasses Major Milestone

January 29, 2021:  ImagineIF’s ‘Making Montana’ wins state Program of the Year Award

January 17, 2021:  ImagineIF Libraries Extend Hours, Continue Take-Home Education Kit

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