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The meeting room is available to book only at our Kalispell location.

Please submit your meeting room booking request using the form below. View available dates and times HERE. ImagineIF staff will contact you to confirm time slot. For more information, call the library at 758.5879.

Meeting Room Form

*Available only at our Kalispell location.

  • Please select your preferred date.
  • Please enter the time you'd like to start your event during these hours: Monday through Friday 10am-5pm; Saturday and Sunday- not available.
  • Please enter the time you'd like to your event to end between the hours of 10am-5pm, Mon - Fri.
  • The organization applying for permission to use library spaces, through its named representative, agrees to abide by policies and regulations of the library with regard to such spaces, facilities and equipment. Groups should schedule enough time to allow for set-up, the meeting itself, and clean-up so as to avoid overlap with another group and to be clear of the meeting room by 5pm. Doors to meeting rooms must remain unlocked during public programs allowing for public participation. Public inquiries concerning meeting room use will be answered from information supplied on this application.

    I have read and accept the rules and regulations of the ImagineIF meeting room policy. I understand that I must give a phone number and/or email address that ImagineIF may give out to those persons requesting more information on my meeting. I understand that failure to comply with the ImagineIF meeting room rules will result in withdrawal of room reservation privileges for my group.

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