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Storytime: Pizza!

February 22, 2024, By in Early Literacy.

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The Youth Services team at ImagineIF Libraries plans and implements early literacy programs for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers in Kalispell, Bigfork, and Columbia Falls. Our goal in every Storytime is to connect with young children and their caregivers through books, songs, and interactive activities that foster early literacy and social emotional skills.

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Who’s ready for a pizza party!? Every kid’s favorite meal provides endless fun and a great chance to experience new vocabulary and early math skills (Whole, Half, “How many slices?”).

Books Read:

Book cover of Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party by Kimberly and James Dean. Book cover of Secret Pizza Party by Adam Rubin.

Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party
by Kimberly and James Dean
ISBN: 9780062404374

Secret Pizza Party
by Adam Rubin
ISBN: 9780803739475

Songs & Interactives:

Flannelboard: “Saw a Snowflake”
We began by passing out felt snowflakes, then counting and singing along together (to the tune of “Oh, My Darling Clementine”):
Saw a snowflake, saw a snowflake,
Saw a snowflake in the sky!
Then the wind blew and some more flew
Now how many do you spy?

“Pizza Pizza Hot”
(to the tune of “Peas Porridge Hot”):
Pizza pizza hot! Pizza pizza cold!
Pizza pizza in the box nine days old!
Some like it hot! Some like it cold!
Some like it in the box nine days old!


A wooden children's play kitchen, with plastic pizza and kitchen items upon the countertops.

Dramatic Play: Pizza Shop
Our play kitchen was transformed into a pizza parlor, complete with plastic pizzas in their pans (great for practicing math concepts like fractions), plates and utensils for serving, and side salads!

Fine Motor Process Art: Utensil Painting
Freshen up a regular-degular painting activity by switching out the usual paintbrushes for different tools! We used plastic forks and spoons, and miniature whisks and rolling pins.

Photo of a table with taped-down pieces of paper, paint, and various utensils like plastic forks, rolling pins, and whisks. Photo of a baking tray with red paint and round sponges, and a paper plate covered in sponge paint prints to resemble pizza toppings.

Take-Home Craft: Sponge Paint Pizzas
We used sponges cut into the shapes (mushrooms, peppers, pepperoni) to stamp toppings on our paper-plate pizzas!

Sensory Play: Mystery Bin
We covered our sensory tub with cardboard and cut circular holes (inspired by pepperoni pizza), then filled the tub with all sorts of random stuff (letter magnets, black beans, toy mice, scoops and bowls, chestnuts). Kids reached through the holes and felt around in the tub to see what they could pull out. They loved the silly and surprising nature of this activity!

Close-up photo of children reaching their arms through holes cut in a cardboard sheet. On top of the cardboard are various items like black beans, wooden rings, and toy mice.

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