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Teen Summer Experience 2024: Workshops

June 12, 2024, By in Summer Experience.

Step into the shadowy underworld of the 1920s and embrace the intrigue of the Teen Summer Experience 2024. This summer, we’re offering a series of workshops that will sharpen your skills and test your mettle.


Join Ash, the bubble tea aficionado, as she leads you through the tantalizing world of bubble tea creation. Whip up your own concoctions of flavorful boba and milk teas while uncovering the secrets behind crafting those irresistible boba pearls from scratch. This workshop is not just a hands-on experience in culinary arts, but also a peek into the science of food preparation, making it as educational as it is delectable. Think of it as your very own culinary caper, where getting that ‘purr-fect’ chewy pearl is the ultimate score.

Dates and Locations:

Kalispell Meeting Room: Wednesday, June 19, 3:30-5pm
Kalispell Meeting Room: Wednesday, July 17, 3:30-5pm
Columbia Falls Teen Zone: Friday, August 2, 3:30-5pm

Ash has adapted Shirin Buta’s Homemade Tapioca Pearls recipe for this workshop. Take a look at it here: Bubble Tea Vs. Boba: Are They The Same Thing? – Tastylicious. For those sleuths interested in the science behind the scenes, check out: Make Boba for Bubble Tea | Scientific American to learn about starch gelatinization and other food science secrets behind the recipe.


Unlock the Magician’s Code and transform ordinary canvas into extraordinary masterpieces with Starr as she leads you on an artistic journey with a touch of illusion. This workshop not only hones your artistic skills but also introduces you to the principles of framing, composition, and stage magic. Use the Pepper’s Ghost illusion technique to reflect an image you can trace!

Dates and Locations:

Kalispell Teen Zone: Wednesday, June 26, 3:30-5pm
Kalispell Teen Zone: Wednesday, July 24, 3:30-5pm
Columbia Falls Teen Zone: Friday, July 19, 3:30-5pm

For all the Hatsune Miku fans out there, yes, the Pepper’s Ghost illusion is the very technique used to create the Hatsune Miku ‘hologram’ on stage!


Get ready for an encore performance of Quick Printmaking with Ashley! This workshop is truly the cat’s meow for custom fashion. You’ll explore the art of printmaking by creating a design on a template and then printing it onto textiles. This time, we have three times as many choices to print on, so bring your ideas and unleash your creativity on baseball caps, tote bags, bandanas, shirts, and more.

Dates and Locations:

Kalispell Teen Zone: Wednesday, July 10, 3:30-5pm
Kalispell Teen Zone: Wednesday, July 31, 3:30-5pm
Columbia Falls Teen Zone: Friday, June 21, 3:30-5pm

Did you know screen printing first appeared in China during the Shang Dynasty (960–1279 AD)? The “Selectasine Process,” a patented version of screen printing, caused a boom in silk-screen shops in the 1920s through the 1930s.

Brace yourself to create unforgettable memories, unleash your inner artist, and acquire extraordinary skills at our Teen Summer Experience workshops! We can’t wait to see you there; it’s gonna be the cat’s whiskers, baby!

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