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Teen Repurposed Reads

June 14, 2024, By in Summer Experience.

Grab a library book you don’t have to return!

This year’s Repurposed Reads are ripe for the picking, ready to transport you to worlds filled with fantasy, adventure, mystery, romance, or even all of the above!

But where do these titles come from? Sure, the library is in the business of giving books away, but doesn’t it normally want them back?

Repurposed Reads are selected from weeded materials. “Weeding” is a process library staff uses to make room for new books and keep the shelves easy to navigate, and it consists of removing books that haven’t been checked out for a while. We try to find good homes for all our weeded materials, and for Teen Summer Experience 2024, we chose books in the best, shiniest condition for Repurposed Reads.

Here are a few standouts!

Lucha of the Night Forest by Tehlor Kay Mejia—A scorned god. A mysterious acolyte. A forgetting drug. A dangerous forest. One girl caught between the freedom she always wanted and a sister she can’t bear to leave behind. Under the cover of the Night Forest, will Lucha be able to step into her own power…or will she be consumed by it?

The Jump by Brittney Morris—Each member of Team Jerhico has their own scavenger-hunting skill: Jax, the puzzler; Yas, the parkourist; Spider, the hacker; and Han, the cartographer. When The Order, a mysterious vigilante organization, hijacks the scavenger hunting forum and concocts a puzzle of its own, promising a reward of influence, Team Jericho sees it as the chance of a lifetime. But with an opposing team hot on their heels, it’s going to take more than street smarts to outwit their rivals.

Skyjacked by Paul Griffin—Six friends who attend Manhattan’s elite Hartwell Academy are returning from an end-of-summer camping trip together on a private plane. Everything seems normal… except one of the regular pilots is sick, so there’s a replacement; Cassie is starting to get violently ill for no clear reason; and they realize the plane is flying west, not east. Soon it’s clear: the plane has been hijacked. But by who, and why? Where are they going? What made Cassie so sick? And even if they somehow make it into the cockpit and overpower the hijacker, could they land the plane? Emotions run high, and choosing who to trust is a matter of life or death.

So grab a Repurposed Read today from any Flathead County Library location, and make sure to pick up a Summer Experience Gameboard while you’re at it!

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