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Summer Experience: Shape

August 19, 2023, By in Summer Experience.

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Take a peek at patterns! Create with colors, repetition and symmetry to make something beautiful.

Early Learners

Books Read:

Book cover of "This is a Book of Shapes" by Kenneth Kraegel   Book cover for "Go, Shapes, Go!" by Denise Fleming

Book cover of "The Wing on a Flea" by Ed Emberley   Book cover of "Mouse Shapes" by Ellen Stoll Walsh

This is a Book of Shapes
by Kenneth Kraegel, ISBN: 9781536207019

Go, Shapes, Go!
by Denise Fleming, ISBN: 9781442482401

The Wing on a Flea
by Ed Emberley, ISBN: 9780316234870

Mouse Shapes
by Ellen Stoll Walsh, ISBN: 9780152060916

Other Options:

Circle Under Berry
by Carter Higgins, ISBN: 9781797205083

Color Zoo
by Lois Ehlert, ISBN: 9780397322602

Perfect Square
by Michael Hall, ISBN: 9780061915130

Circle Rolls
by Barbra Kanninen, ISBN: 9780714876306

Songs & Interactives:

Make a Circle, Make a Square (to the tune of “Oh My Darling Clementine”)

Game: Twister, with colored shape mats

Flannelboard activity: shape matching and pattern making


aerial view of three children around a tub of water in which foam blocks float. Three children sit before a magnetic board, moving colorful shape magnets around.

Matching Sticks
craft sticks and foam shape stickers

Obstacle Course
colorful shape mats, balance beams, and honey steps

Water Blocks
foam blocks in a water table

Tape Art
paper, masking tape, paint sticks

Mag Wall Shapes
colorful shape magnets on a magnetic board

A young girl mid-jump between two colorful floor mats in the midst of an obstacle course. Aerial view of colorful paintings atop a table. Three have masking tape bisecting the paper with painted sections between the crossings. One paper has had the masking tape removed, leaving stark white lines separating the colorfully painted shapes.


Activity: Print Making

Carve rubber erasers to create a stamp; experiment with patterns, negative space, mirror image, and tessellation.

black-and-white image of a carving of a fish

Activity: Cube Building

Each kid receives 40 peel-and-stick foam cubes to build something and take it home.

many brightly colored foam cubes surround a structure made of cubes resembling a horse.

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