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Teen Expedition Gameboard

June 8, 2023, By in Summer Experience.

Good day, daring travelers!

You may have heard about ImagineIF’s Summer Experience, but let us really blow your mind with 2023’s Summer Experience Teen Expedition Gameboard! This is your guide for the perfect teen summer adventure.

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This year’s gameboard will take you through forests, mountains, and streams with a hand-drawn map and amazing illustrations by our resident artist, Sierra Benjamin. Every panel of the gameboard is packed with art and inspiring information, from a jackalope mascot that has a can of “human spray” on its belt, to all the library’s summer event details on the back.

The Teen Expedition Gameboard is all about exploring new things and taking on challenges. The gameboard invite teens to strike out on hiking trails, try new foods, go stargazing, and learn practical survival skills. It’s an IRL version of the Oregon Trail game without the risk of dysentery.

Kids Kickoff Party graphic

And get this: by completing the Teen Expedition Gameboard you can score a premium prize!

Choose from:

  • Woodland Water Park Splash Pass
  • An ice cream pass
  • A solar-powered USB device charger

Limited Edition Summer Experience Tees!

This year we’re releasing exclusive Summer Experience t-shirts that feature the incredible artwork of the Teen Expedition Gameboard. Head to the ImagineIF Libraries Teespring store here to secure your limited edition merch at:

Summer Experience 2023 starts June 12 and ends August 12.
All prizes must be picked up by August 12.

Grab your Teen Expedition Gameboard at any ImagineIF location and ready your day pack! It’s time to hit the trail!

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